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Change can be difficult. We are a team of psychologists who are here to help you get the change that you desire by seeing your blocks, figuring out how to release them and/or embrace them, to get you flowing again

At our practice

We want to develop deep relationships with you to understand what’s going on in your life.

Issues like obsessive thoughts, feeling like you don't belong, or having trouble finding a good partner can feel like they're totally separate problems, but they're often more complicated than they seem. Our psychologists will help you figure out what may be going on under the surface and how these problems might be connected. This way, we can work together to make some real, lasting change through insight and/or behavioral techniques.

What sets us apart is the belief in the healing power of relationships. We practice what we preach, we meet as a team every week to support each other. Our relationships are built on professionalism, empathy, honesty, trust, collaboration, and respect. These principles are carried over into our relationships with you.

The values we live by

We use these values as a starting point to help you know more about yourself, make the changes you want, and to build stronger connections to yourself and to others. It’s like having a foundation that keeps you grounded and flexible, so you can bend without breaking.


Being trained to focus on you first, helps you to know yourself through another person without being burdened by another person’s emotional/psychological needs.


Being truthful to you, lets see yourself as a real person with good and bad qualities.


Being reliable, consistent, and committed to you, builds a meaningful connection between us. Our relationship sets an example of who you can rely on outside of therapy.


Understanding your feelings without pity or judgment shows that your feelings are “ok” without needing to get rid of and/or impulsively act on them.


We can’t do this work without you, we want, and encourage feedback to personalize the work and to ensure the change is happening at your pace, and is driven by you.


In our work, we strive to include the range of diverse experiences, backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, gender, orientations, philosophies, religions, and any imaginable difference. We want to make sure everyone has a voice and is heard.

Let’s work together

Get in touch today and to take a step towards meaningful change.

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