We offer options for comprehensive therapy, tailored to your individual needs and well-being.

Individual Psychotherapy

We provide integrative individual psychotherapy to adolescents and adults.

If you decide to enter therapy with us, your psychologist will work with you to determine a personalized treatment that meets your unique needs. Our doctors have extensive training in a variety of therapeutic approaches and techniques and work carefully to integrate these methods to tailor treatment to your goals.

Couples Psychotherapy

Some of our staff provide therapy to couples to address problem(s) between them. They treat and see the relationship as a whole, each individual in the relationship, and the interaction between them. The goal is to provide treatment through behavioral interventions and/or to build an understanding of what the problem(s) is/are.

Group Psychotherapy

Group sessions at Lower Manhattan Psychology foster healing within a supportive, confidential group setting. Our groups are typically between 75 minutes long and held on the Zoom platform.